Visit Klong Muang To Make Your Holiday Memorable

Visit Klong Muang to make your holiday memorable

Are you looking for an amazing beach that offers each and everything that you need for a rocking beach holiday?  If yes, then Klong Muang Beach can be the perfect choice for you. It is located near Krabi airport. Klong Muang is 45 minutes drive from Krabi airport. It is very easy to book a car or rent car Klong Muang. You can opt for this option as it helps you enjoy your Klong Muang trip without any hassle.




You can find lots of service provider who provide you facility of rent car Krabi airport and rent car Krabi. You can have your car on airport that helps you reach Klong Muang conveniently and on time. There are various benefits of hiring car as you get your own vehicle at your required location. What would be more convenient than facility to hire cars from airport? You can also look for lots of other transport options but hiring car may be the most suitable and economic choice.


Klong Muang beach is few minutes by car from popular places in Krabi. This is an amazing site that offers sweeping and astonishing sea views, tranquility, a white sand shore, various resorts and restaurants. You can enjoy lots of beach activities with your group. This is an undeveloped and long beach that offers you serene moments that you can spend with your loved ones. It is a beach with well developed village with simple restaurants and shops.


You can enjoy lots of beach activities on find golden white sand and lots of fun in deep water. You can enjoy swimming here. The northern end of this beach is used as an anchorage. The Southern end of this beach has lots of things to enjoy. It has beach cottages and picturesque surroundings.  Plan Krabi trip and get lost in lap of nature.


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